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Discover – Your Ultimate Trading Business ERP Software : Streamline operations, secure competitive deals, and foster efficient collaboration with vendors.

Trading is your go-to Trading Business ERP Software tailored to address the unique challenges faced by trading and distribution businesses in the GCC. From simplified order processing to efficient inventory management, is the partner you’ve been searching for to supercharge your operations.

Simplified Order Entry: Order processing in trading can be complex, but simplifies it to an e-commerce-style experience. Choose your category, enter quantities, add to cart, and checkout. It’s as easy and fast as online shopping, ensuring swift and accurate sales order entry.

Effortless Order Tracking: With’s integrated Sales Order Dashboard, the days of wondering about your order’s status are over. You can now approve, fulfill, and track orders all from a single screen, eliminating the need for endless phone calls and email exchanges. Whether it’s an active or archived order, from receipt to shipping and delivery, it’s all there at your fingertips.

Optimized Warehouse Management: natively supports multiple warehouses, providing you with a consolidated view of your stock. It’s intelligent enough to suggest shipping from the warehouse with the most stock or the one closest to the destination, ensuring efficient and cost-effective logistics.

Flexible Pricing Strategies: In trading, pricing flexibility is essential. offers line-item and order-level price catalogs, discount rates, and taxation customization. Whether you need pricing tailored at the order, product, or organization level,’s got you covered.

Smart Vendor Comparisons: Getting the best deal is every trader’s goal. creates a comparative statement that displays multiple offers from various vendors. You can compare offers across multiple parameters to make informed decisions and secure the most advantageous deals.

360° Collaboration: fosters collaboration with a vendor self-service portal, allowing suppliers to access account statements, requests for quotations, and purchase orders. Moreover, the platform’s robust documentation management system ensures easy access to critical documents. Customers can also submit trouble tickets and track their resolutions through the issue management system.

Financial Clarity: Wondering about your financial situation?’s integrated finance module and graphical dashboards provide complete visibility into expenses and revenue. It enhances accounts receivable and payable management while offering multiple key performance indicators for proactive financial insight. is the lightweight, flexible Trading Business ERP Software designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We focus exclusively on lightweight, easy-to-use ERP systems, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free implementation process. No more tedious business process reengineering; we adapt to your processes. Plus, we offer the flexibility of SaaS, hosted, or on-premise solutions. With, you can start quickly with rapid implementation cycles and “as-is” deployments, ensuring you’re ready in months, not years.

In the world of trading and distribution, stands as a game-changer, simplifying complex operations and empowering businesses to thrive. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and embrace a new era of streamlined trading with – the Trading Business ERP Software.

Effortless Trading Business Management with
  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify order processing, tracking, and warehouse management for a smoother business operation.
  • Pricing Flexibility: Customize pricing with ease to secure competitive deals and boost profitability.
  • Collaborative Efficiency: Seamlessly collaborate with vendors, track finances effortlessly, and deploy for effortless trading business management.
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