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In, you'll discover a unified ecosystem that brings every facet of your business under one roof. From Project Planning to Execution, and Monitoring to Finance, every department collaborates seamlessly within a single, cohesive software solution.

Your Entire Business at Your Fingertips

Experience the power of having your entire business operations at your fingertips. With, you're not just getting software; you're gaining access to a comprehensive platform that streamlines your processes, enhances transparency, and empowers your teams to work together efficiently. It's the all-in-one solution you've been searching for, right at your fingertips.

The Complete Solution

Planning, Execution and Monitoring

Intuitive Dashboard
Intuitive Dashboard

Instant Project Insights: Stay Informed with Real-Time Status Updates on our Powerful Dashboard.

Customized Approvals
Customized Approvals

Tailored Document Approvals: Our Agile Workflow Adapts to Your Business Rules, Streamlining Processes with Precision.

Potent Metrics
Potent Metrics

Real-time Profitability Gauge: Effortlessly Monitor Project Profitability and Schedule Adherence for Informed Decision-Making

All-in-one solution for Contractors

Comprehensive Tools Tailored to Your Needs - supports each aspect of your business with dedicated modules


Elevate preconstruction with's module. Seamlessly manage tendering, estimations, direct rate build-up, project profitability, BOQs, and CRM for efficient project planning and success


Optimize operations with's comprehensive module. From planning and scheduling to daily progress monitoring, quality, and safety management, ensure flawless project execution aligned with your vision


Streamline procurement with's robust module. From material management to vendor directories, simplify procure-to-pay with features like rate contracts, RFQs, work orders, and more.

Logistics's Logistics module helps you keep track of your material inventory in real time. It lets you manage all your material transactions, from receiving materials to issuing them to customers.

HR's HR module helps manage all HR needs, incl. recruitment, timesheets, payroll, benefits, GCC-specific requirements like camp mgmt & expat payroll.


Maximize Asset Efficiency with's Equipment Management Module - Our comprehensive equipment management system ensures your assets are optimally utilized, maintained, and tracked.

Finance's Finance module streamlines financial management with a double-entry GL system, AP/AR management, bank reconciliation, and taxation compliance.

Analytics's Analytics module provides a comprehensive set of reporting capabilities, with over 150 pre-built reports that cover all aspects of your business. You can also create custom reports to meet your specific needs.

Documents's Document Management module is a powerful tool for organizing and managing all your project documentation. It provides a central repository for storing documents, as well as features for version control, approval workflows, and complex workflows.

Built-In Automation
Achieve more with better workflows

Streamlining contractor operations is now a reality with By automating critical workflows, this software enhances efficiency and control, benefiting contractors in numerous ways:

  • Accurate Estimation: Manual estimation is a thing of the past. automates cost projections, ensuring precise project budgeting.

  • Efficient Procurement: From supplier interactions to inventory management, procurement processes are automated, reducing errors and delays.

Real-Time Margin Tracking

Real-time insights into project costs and performance

Estimate generates live project cost estimates, ensuring up-to-date data for materials, subcontractors, and labour, enhancing accuracy.

Job Cost Report
Job Cost Report

Tracks resource costs (material, labour, subcontractors) per work item, enabling real-time profit performance comparison with the budget.

Start with Best Practices

Begin your implementation journey by utilizing default and best-practice options derived from our extensive contracting industry experience. This ensures a seamless initial setup that aligns with industry standards.

Detailed Implementation and Training

As your organization familiarizes itself with, transition into a more detailed implementation phase. This includes tailored training, customization of reports, and fine-tuning key processes to match your unique requirements.

Improved Productivity

The end result of this implementation process is elevated productivity and precise margin capture. evolves with your organization, providing the flexibility and control necessary for sustained success in the contracting industry.

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Questions & Answers

Answers to Your Common Queries

  • 1. Is ERP software suitable for contracting businesses?

    Yes, ERP software like caters to SME contracting businesses. Its modular design allows you to scale features based on your specific needs and budget.

  • 2. How long does it take to implement in my organization?

    Implementation timelines vary but typically involve a phased approach. You can start quickly with default settings and then gradually tailor the system to your requirements.

  • 3. Will my team require extensive training to use effectively? offers user-friendly interfaces, and basic functionalities are easy to grasp. For advanced features, we provide training and ongoing support to ensure your team's proficiency.

  • 4. Can I integrate with my existing software or systems?

    Yes, offers integrations with various third-party tools. Our team can help you streamline workflows by connecting with your existing software.

  • 5. How can help with cost estimation and project control? automates cost estimation and provides real-time project cost monitoring. This helps you control expenses, track budgets, and prevent cost overruns.

  • 6. Is my data secure in the cloud-based system? employs robust security measures to protect your data. With cloud-based storage, data is regularly backed up and accessible only to authorized users, enhancing security and data integrity.

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