Contractor ERP Software: for Global Contractors

Explore’s comprehensive Contractor ERP Software with 12 modules and over 120 functionalities, designed to meet the operational and accounting needs of global contractors across various industries.

Tendering / CRM

Efficiently manage leads and build customer relationships. Handle tenders, contracts, and bank guarantees with ease.

Project Management

Optimize planning, execution, and monitoring of projects. Gain resource-level insights, project overviews, cost control, and more.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Maintain inventory effortlessly. Transfer resources between sites, ensure transparency with Material Inspection and Receipt Note.

Vendor Management

Discover the best vendors for your projects, automate work orders, and request proposals seamlessly.

Plant and Machinery

Efficiently manage assets with features like Asset Allocation, Asset Log Sheet, GPS integration, and real-time tracking.


Integrate HR functions, enhance employee communication, and provide self-service portals for leave management.


Streamline payroll operations, manage attendance, allowances, and employee welfare initiatives.

Finance & Accounts

Simplify payables, receivables, voucher approvals, and more. Integrate Tally for efficient finance management.

Document Management

Effortlessly organize and search for important documents within your database.

Business Analytics

Access crucial reports and analytics, create user-friendly graphical dashboards for in-depth insights. offers add-on features and comprehensive training for successful ERP implementation. Tailor the software to your unique business needs and experience improved processes. Discover how can enhance your business; schedule a demo by completing the form at /contact-us/.